Living In New York, and Thinking About Manlius

Throughout the world, people might think of the pit of Times Square when they hear the phrase “New York.” This image is only one speck on the tip of the iceberg of what New York actually is. In reality, that image in people’s minds is of a small section of Manhattan. Manhattan is one of the Five Boroughs, or counties, of New York City. The Five Boroughs include Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Manhattan and Staten Island are on their own islands. The Bronx is attached to the mainland of America. Queens and Brooklyn are geographically on Long Island, along with Nassau County and Suffolk County. In order from west to east, here are the counties on Long Island: Brooklyn (also known as King’s County), Queens (also known as Queens County), Nassau County and Suffolk County. Everything east of Queens is considered to be outside of the political boundaries of the city and suburban. The suburbs east of Queens are referred to as “Long Island,” even though Queens and Brooklyn are technically on the island of Long Island.

Upstate New York is an entirely different place. It is mountainous and full of raw, untouched nature. There are plenty of towns that are small and rural. There are many different kinds of people and communities that reside in Upstate New York. A number of cities also exist in Upstate New York, but many of these cities are Rust Belt cities and/or have economically gone downhill without rebounding.

Manlius, New York, is one of many great places to live in the state of New York. Anyone who has broken a sweat over trying to find an affordable home in or near the Five Boroughs will be happy to know that there are affordable homes in Manlius. According to the real estate listings Manlius NY, there are plenty of homes between $100,000.00 and $200,000.00. The neighborhood is 86.1% white. As of 2010, the population was 32,370.

One thing to think about is weather. The weather in New York gets cold in the winter. On Long Island and in the Five Boroughs, it can dip into the teens and single digits. Upstate New York is known for experiencing colder weather, lower temperatures and more snow. While it is still hot at the end of July during the night on Long Island, it may start to get cool, and perhaps a bit cold, at night in the mountains of Upstate New York. Throughout New York—even on Long Island—the temperatures can vary drastically throughout the day and night. Within the same week, it is not unheard for the temperatures to go down 30 degrees. This is especially true during the colder months. There are people online who say that the weather is constantly changing in New York City. They are not lying when they say this.

Politically, there has been a history of an Upstate-Downstate rivalry. This refers to the tendency of the people Upstate to vote conservative and the tendency of people in the New York metropolitan area to vote liberal. However, the suburbs around the metropolitan area have a tendency of being more conservative.